Constitution and By-Laws
of the Central Iowa Chapter of the NWA

Article I: NAME/ADDRESS (Amended on October 5, 2006 and October 29, 2012)

This local chapter shall be called the Central Iowa Chapter of the National Weather Association, herein referred to as the "Chapter." The Chapter post office address will be listed as P.O. Box 512, Ames, Iowa 50010.


The mission of the Central Iowa Chapter of the National Weather Association is to support and promote excellence in operational meteorology through research, forecasting, broadcasting and education. We will work to provide a medium for all persons interested in weather, and will work to build relationships between all who work with and study meteorology throughout Central Iowa and surrounding states.

Article III: MEMBERSHIP (Amended on January 13, 2011)

Membership is open to anyone interested in operational meteorology and who agrees to abide by the requirements of these By-Laws. Membership in the national organization of the National Weather Association is strongly encouraged, but not required. Membership in the Central Iowa Chapter of the National Weather Association is allowed based on the following requirements:

  1. Member Requirements:
    1. All Members must reside in the state of Iowa.
    2. All Members are required to attend at least two meetings per year within a conference year*, or be an active member of a conference team**
      1. A sign-up sheet will be passed around at each meeting to determine official meeting attendance.
      2. Official meeting attendance records will be kept by the chapter Secretary.
    3. All Members must be current on Chapter dues.
    4. All requirements must be met annually to receive the respective member conference rate.

* "Conference Year" defined as the period from one annual Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference to another (i.e. April to March)

** Determination of active participation on a conference team is at the discretion of the respective Team Chair.


Annual dues of ten (10) dollars shall be paid to the Central Iowa Chapter of the National Weather Association, due at the first meeting of the calendar year.

All memberships will expire at the end of the first meeting of a calendar year.
All members will be extended all membership privileges over a grace period of 30 days after the first meeting of each calendar year.
Membership privileges will begin immediately after dues are paid in full for the calendar year.

Article V: ELECTIVE & APPOINTIVE OFFICERS (Amended on October 1, 2013 and November 5, 2013)

Elective officers of the Chapter are President, Vice-President (Programs), Secretary (Publicity), Treasurer (Membership), and Student Liaison (Student Activity). These officers shall perform those duties prescribed by these Bylaws and must be members in good standing, and will encompass the Executive Committee. All officers are elected for a term of one year, and may be re-elected. In addition to the elective officers, an appointed officer of the Executive Cabinet will include the Past-President position. This is a voluntary position to be held by the Chapter President from the previous year to ensure a smooth transition from year to year. The only duties will be to aid the current President by providing guidance and be included in any Executive Cabinet decisions.

The President shall:

1.) Preside over all general meetings and Executive Committee meetings.
2.) Report directly to the Executive Director and/or President of the national organization of the National Weather Association.
3.) Enforce due observance of the By-laws.
4.) Decide all questions of order.
5.) Sign all official documents (except checks) on behalf of the Chapter.
6.) Perform all customary duties pertaining to the office of President.

The Vice-President shall:

1.) Assume all duties of the President at any general meeting or Executive Committee meeting should the President be absent.
2.) Assume the Office of President should that office become vacant.
3.) Gather information and contacts regarding Chapter field trips and general meeting locations.
4.) Perform all customary duties pertaining to the office of President.

The Secretary shall:

1.) Keep a record of all proceedings of each general meeting and meetings of the Executive Committee.
2.) Maintain all official Chapter records.
3.) Keep a roll of members in good standing.
4.) Publish any notices to members as required by these By-laws, and write a column to the national organization of the National Weather Association for publishing in their monthly newsletter. This column will consist of Chapter updates and future meetings.

The Treasurer shall:

1.) Receive and receipt all monies paid to the Chapter.
2.) Keep an accurate account of all monies received and expended and shall pay no bills without authorization as defined in Article X of these Bylaws.

The Student Liaison shall:

1.) Creating Awareness of the CINWA group and activities among students
2.) Recruiting students to join the CINWA
3.) Serving as a member of the Executive Cabinet to gain experience with internal functions of the chapter
4.) Keep group up to date on student functions that may conflict with chapter functions (i.e. Cy's Eyes on the Skies timing, AMS meetings, Met. Tests, etc.)
5.) Keep students up to date with CINWA social events and other activities (meetings, etc.)

The Past-President shall:

1.) Provide guidance to the current President and Cabinet Members
2.) Included in any decision-making or vote held by the Executive Cabinet

Article VI: ELECTIONS (Amended on October 27, 2003)

Elections of officers will be conducted during the regularly scheduled September meeting.
Nominations will be presented to the membership during the month of August.
The nominee receiving the most votes shall be elected. Votes must be cast in person.
Any vacant office (except the President) shall be filled by action of the Chapter members.
Any vacated office will be subject to the same voting procedures outlined above. Officers will serve from October 1 to September 30.

Article VII: VOTING PROCEDURES (Amended February 24, 2009)

All members in good standing of the local Chapter are eligible to vote. A quorum for a general meeting is defined as 10 members, or one half of the current membership, whichever is less.

Voting may take place by one of two methods
1.) Voting may take place at a meeting where a quorum is present.
2.) Matters other than officer elections and amendments to bylaws may take place by electronic voting, where the total number of votes submitted shall be equal to a quorum.
(a.) The president (or the president's designee) may call a vote of the members in good standing through electronic mail.
(b.) All votes must be submitted within one week of the vote being called.
(c.) All votes must be submitted by electronic mail to the president (or the president's designee).
(d.) Members without an electronic mail address may submit their vote by having another member send their vote.
(e.) Copies of all electronic votes must be kept for one year from the date of the close of voting.
(f.) The results of the vote must be announced through electronic mail and at the next general meeting.


The Chapter may form various committees for the purposes of controlling the varied activities of the Chapter. Each committee leader shall keep regular records of its proceedings and report the same to the Chapter.


The Chapter will have no less than six general meetings each year, at a place and time to be designated by a two-thirds majority by those members who cast votes. Special meetings may be called by majority vote of the executive committee.
All meeting minutes will be available on the chapter web site or in writing through the Secretary by request within (14) days of the meeting.
Meeting minutes will include details on the next chapter meeting. These details will include, but are not limited to: Date; time; location and purpose of the next meeting.

“Roberts Rules of Order, Revised Edition” shall govern, in applicable cases and where they are consistent with Bylaws and any special rules of order the Chapter may adopt. (


Expenditures of the Chapter less than fifty (50) dollars may be authorized by a majority of the Executive Committee or members in attendance at a general meeting.
Expenditures of the Chapter in the amount of fifty (50) dollars or more shall require the majority approval by members in attendance at a general meeting.
The Chapter is organized and operated exclusively for non-profit purposes, and no part of its earnings shall inure to the benefit of any member.
A member of the Executive Committee shall be responsible for a key to the post office box, and in turn, checking this box at least once every two weeks, or once weekly during the Severe Storms Conference registration period.

Article XI: CHAPTER POLICIES (Amended February 24, 2009)

Policies pertaining to chapter business and activities may be outlined in separate documents, provided that these policies are approved by a three-fifths affirmative vote of a quorum. Any changes to these policies must also be approved by a three-fifths affirmative vote.

Alcohol Policy


Upon dissolution or disbandment of this organization, all funds and properties in excess of liabilities and expenses of dissolution will be distributed as determined by a majority of the active members.


Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by any Chapter member. Amendments must be presented to the Executive Committee in writing, and will be considered for adoption during any regular or special meeting at which a quorum is present. This is provided all members have been notified of the proposed amendment at least 10 days in advance of the meeting date.

The adoption of a proposed amendment shall require the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of all members who cast ballots.

Article XIV: October 27, 2003, October 1, 2013, and November 5, 2013 Officer Amendment

The executive committee of the Central Iowa NWA shall consist of the following officers: President, Vice President, Past-President (Voluntary), Secretary, Treasurer, and Student Liaison. These officers shall be members in good standing and be elected by a majority of chapter members, also which must be in good standing.

In the event that active participation in the chapter is lacking, one or more of the officer positions may be combined as deemed necessary and appropriate by the present members of the executive committee. Combinations of officer positions are valid for one year and should be re-assessed at the next officer election period.

By-laws drawn up, passed, and amended on this 5th DAY OF NOVEMBER, IN THE YEAR 2013, to supersede the amendment from the 1st DAY OF OCTOBER, IN THE YEAR 2013, by the Central Iowa Chapter of the National Weather Association.

PDF Copy of the Central Iowa National Weather Assocation ByLaws

Alcohol Policy

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Upcoming Meetings

The next chapter meeting will be in April, sometime after the conference.

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